Participation Fees 2021

Pagoda Tent 4x4m, incl. carpet 1.150,00 € per Pagoda
Pagoda Tent 5x5m, incl. carpet 1.600,00€ per Pagoda
Exhibition area on land    
Presentation on land without yacht 49,00€ per m²
Yacht presentation on land 900,00€ per booth up to 4m²
Trailer Boats    
Trailer Boat up to 5,50m length 425,00€ per Trailer
Trailer Boat from 5,51m to 7,50m length 525,00€ per Trailer
Trailer Boat from 7,51m to 10m length 625,00€ per Trailer
Berth Monohull    
Berth up to 7,50m length 499,00€ per Moorage
Berth from 7,51 to 10m 599,00€ per Moorage
Berth from 10,01 to 12m 729,00€ per Moorage
Berth from 12,01 to 15m 899,00€ per Moorage
Berth from 15,01 to 20m 1.199,00€ per Moorage
Berth >20m 1.599,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihulls    
Berth Multihull up to 7,5m 759,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihull from 7,51 to 10m 899,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihull from 10,01 to 12m 1.095,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihull from 12,01 to 15m 1.349,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihull from 15,01 to 20m 1.799,00€ per Moorage
Berth Multihull >20m 2.399,00€ per Moorage
Exhibition Hall    
Row booth 64,00€ per m²
Corner booth 64,00€ per m²
Head booth 64,00€ per m²
Block booth 64,00€ per m²
Other (mandatory costs)    
Service package 349,00€ per main- and co-exhibitor

You can find the restrictions, the minimum purchase, the scope of services and terms and conditions in the application form under special eligibility requirements HAMBURG ancora YACHTFESTIVAL.

Status: 19.02.2021