Participation Fees 2019

Pagoda 4x4m 998,00 € per Pagoda
Pagoda 5x5m 1.399,00€ per Pagoda
Land Area
Presentation area onshore (without yacht)45,00€per m²
Yacht presentation onshore (boats without trailer)45,00€per m²
Presentation area for companies out of nomenclature900,00€per booth up to 4m²
Boats on Trailer (Zone 1)
Boat on trailer up to 5,50 m length395,00€per Trailer
Boat on trailer 5,51m- 7,50m length495,00€per Trailer
Boat on trailer 7,51m- 10m length595,00€per Trailer
Moorage Monohulls
Moorage Monohull bis 7,5m439,00€per Moorage
Moorage Monohull 7,5-10m539,00€per Moorage
Moorage Monohull 10-12m669,00€per Moorage
Moorage Monohull 12-15m829,00€per Moorage
Moorage Monohull 15-20m1.099,00€per Moorage
Moorage Monohull >20m1.499,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihulls
Moorage Multihull up to 7,5m658,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihull 7,5-10m808,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihull 10-12m1.003,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihull 12-15m1.243,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihull 15-20m1.648,00€per Moorage
Moorage Multihull >20m2.248,00€per Moorage
Exhibition Hall
Row booth59,00€per m²
Corner booth64,00€per m²
Head booth69,00€per m²
Block booth79.00€per m²
Other (mandatory costs)
Marketing package main exhibitor220,00€per main exhibitor
Marketing package co-exhibitor220,00€per co-exhibitor
Service flat charge exhibition hall (only hall)79,00€per booth in the exhibition hall

You can find the restrictions, the minimum purchase, the scope of services and terms and conditions in the application form under special eligibility requirements HAMBURG ancora YACHTFESTIVAL.

Status: 28.08.2018 / SD

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