Exhibitor views on HAMBURG ancora YACHT FESTIVAL 2019

from 24 to 26 May at the ancora Marina in Neustadt/Holstein

Motor yachts

Stefan Wilms, Princess Motor Yacht Sales Neustadt/Holstein

“I really felt I was among friends at this year’s Yacht Festival. There is an amazingly close yacht community here, and the atmosphere was simply great. We had extremely good talks with our customers. Long may that continue! We will definitely be here again next year with Princess.”

Torsten Sieckmann, Managing Director Sieckmann Yachts GmbH

“It was a really good event, and well organised. It showed the whole portfolio, and all the leading brands in our segment were here at the Hamburg ancora Yacht Festival. Things are moving in the Baltic. We will be here again next year.”

Christian Baumgärtel, Steeler Yachts

“We got a tremendous response for Steeler. We specifically wanted to meet people with a genuine interest for this boat. And that worked. The Yacht Festival attracted just the right audience.”

Dirk Levien, Managing Director Levien Sails and Drive GmbH

“Presentation at the Yacht Festival is an absolute must for us – this is where we meet the right people. It is the ideal place for networking. The opening times for the boardwalk need to be improved, but otherwise it was an excellent yacht festival.”

Stefan Breck, CEO Azimut Yachts Austria-Germany

“We were delighted to be here with Azimut and to cultivate good contacts. The Yacht Festival is really well organised, and is a must-attend for us. We will definitely be back.”

Richard Gründl, CEO Gründl-Bootsimport GmbH & Co. KG

“If you are interested in watersports either as a visitor or as an exhibitor, you simply can’t miss this Yacht Festival. The In-Water Boat Show is a key showcase for us.”

Meik Lessig, Managing Director Enjoy Yachting GmbH

“This Yacht Festival was extremely well run. It lived up to our expectations, and it was great fun being here. This is a really important show for us, and I don’t know of any other show in the North that presents so many different boats. It has attracted more and more manufacturers in recent years. That is good for all of us, and of course we will be here again next year.”


Sailing yachts

Arne Petersen, Managing Director AP Yachting GmbH

“The In-Water Boat Show has developed remarkably in the past few years. And it should be expanded still further – it has tremendous potential. I’m definitely planning to be here next year with a Bavaria C57 and C50.”

Dines Pontoppidan, Managing Director Diamond Yachts GmbH

“The Yacht Festival has developed extremely well. We had so much to do, and we brought a big team with us to handle it all. It was well worth it, as we gained excellent leads for new business. The new boardwalk, making it possible to walk right round the show, meant that we had many more people coming along. The opening times of the boardwalk need to be optimised, but all in all we enjoyed a really good show.”

Christian Daum, Managing Director BENTE Yachts GmbH

“It was a great Yacht Festival, and we are more than satisfied. People crowded onto our boats, showing tremendous interest. We are delighted at the business done, and were able to arrange follow-up meetings. Everything was great.”


Dr. Richard Natmessnig, Partner Classic Swedish Yachts

“It was important to me to show the Swede 41 to a broad general public at the Yacht Festival. I want these classic yachts to be around much more in the Baltic Sea and at the jetties. People were fascinated, and so often their eyes lit up when they looked at this yacht.”

Horst von Hörsten, CEO Hallberg-Rassy Deutschland GmbH

“This year the Yacht Festival rose to the level I always wanted. It has become a fantastic event, and we are very satisfied with it. We had good customer contacts, and at least one very promising business lead.”


On shore / in the exhibition hall


Stephan Dohrmann, A.W. Niemeyer GmbH

“We have plenty of potential customers, and in some cases we took people out for trial runs up to 8pm. The In-Water Boat Show has become a really important event. It was a great Yacht Festival.”

Florian Kelling, Manager, Yacht and More OHG

“I am very satisfied. It was so successful for us that we could have packed up and gone home after just two days! We meet just the right customers here, and will definitely be here again next year.”

Patrick Werno, Sales Deutschland, tbs

“We were really inundated with customers, and had a fantastic Hamburg ancora Yacht Festival. Saturday was better than any other day for us at any boat show! It was just amazing. I have the feeling this Yacht Festival is continuing to grow, and will have even more impact in the future.”

Jan Spengler, CEO Michael Schmidt & Partner International Yacht Brokers

“It was a great Yacht Festival, and was really well run with highly committed staff. We had excellent talks with potential customers, with good prospects for future business.”