Lectures and seminars

Aside from seminar initiator and circumnavigator Sönke Roever further top-class speakers give quality information and valuable hints to the participants.

The specialist for underwater ship refits Peter Wrede reports from his over 25 years of expert knowledge – entertaining and visually powerful!

Piracy – The prevention center of the federal police force See informs with a new specialist lecture.

What's it all about the weather data?

Restful sleep is important, also aboard. Laroma gives an insight into the possibilities aboard and how "sleep" is working.

The speaker Urs Rothacher presents his experiences about his own blue water sabbatical and explains his concept which allows crews without a ship to fullfill their dream of long distance sailing.

Use the opportunity to deal with the core of every boat in theory and practice: the motor. The aim of the seminar is to get an understanding of the technology and to be able to repair your own motor without external help.

A lecture all about trimming of headsails and mainsails. The sailing consultant Oliver Ochse explains how the threads inside the jib help to steer the way to windward and to find the perfect lead position.

This lecture is about the usage of the different headsails. The times of the big genoas are over and the spinnaker can stay below deck with a smaller crew.