Seminar "motor and electricity"

How to srew on a "living object" without fear

Auxiliary engine on sailing yachts

Date: 25.05. from 10 am to 6 pm
Location: Sailing school Well Sailing

You'll get the opportunity to deal with the core of a boat in theory and practice for a whole day. To have a safe handling with the auxiliary engine and potenial knight in shining armour is the aim of the seminar. Because if you know how to repair it without external help you will be on the safe side!


The topics in detail

  • fundamental configuration of a machine drive line system on sailing boats
  • motor (in-board / out-board engine, combustion engine, electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine)
  • propulsion (shaft / saildrive)
  • control system (timing belt, cooling system etc.)
  • gear, electricity
  • maintenance
  • oil change, frost protection
  • problem identification and treatment
  • overheating, starting problems, leaks
  • many practical practice
  • Q&A

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