Visit the ships of DGzRZ and the federal police force

The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) and the federal police force welcome you to explore their ships. They lay close to the water event area.

Open Ship I: Rescue cruiser „HANS HACKMACK“ - Special activity "take part.."

We use this special activity to say thank you to our new sponsors in the form of a sponsor certificate with bord stamp of the HACKMACK, signature of the foreman as well as the very popular Förderpin of the The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service. As a special highlight the new sponsors can participate in a welcome trip with the rescue cruiser HANS HACKMACK. The trips will be guided by SAR in consultation with the foreman. Of course attendance will be guaranteed.

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Open Ship II: Life boat „WUPPESAHL"

The life boat  (SRB) HEINRICH WUPPESAHL can be viewed on Saturday and Sunday (subject to an assignment). The WUPPESAHL will lay alongside the rescue cruiser HANS HACKMACK. (landing stage T, at the harbor restaurant)

The Open Ship will be interrupted by a SAR DEMO (Search and rescue - aircraft of the German army) on the water area. Exact times will follow.

The H.WUPPESAHL is a modified type of the proven 9,5m-category of the Seenotretter.
By the use of two more frames in the lenght, it improves the placing and treatment possibilities aboard for castaways, sufferers and casualties.

Like all other units of the Seenotretter the new life boats are able to set upright by themselves. They are completely made of aluminum in the proven net frame system.
This type of boat is characterized by its seaworthiness. Whilst ground swell and surge it has good sea-characteristics, maneuveres perfectly, withstands fierce ground impacts and is able to go alongside on damaged ships - even under difficult conditions and increased speed. All thanks to the circular fender system. 

Comprehensive safety standards have been considered in the construction. The new life boats will be equipped with the latest navigation technology, powerful towing gear as well as an comprehensive equipment for medical first aid.

Open Ship III: Control and patrol boat BP 65 "Rhön 2" of the federal police force

The police presents their recources to interested visitors and introduces them into the duties of the federal police force and the risks that come along with water sports.

In addtition, aspects of enviromental protection will be explained.